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My goals when I started were to gain self-confidence, lose weight and eat healthier. Going into this challenge, I knew I would have results but, my mind was blown by how much my body had transformed in 30 days with hard work, dedication, having an amazing coach (Nicole), and a meal plan to keep me on track with my goals.

~Michelle A. Lean For Halloween 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge/Nov. 2021


I’ve seen a lot of physical changes in my body. It’s more strong and powerful and I feel better in clothes too. I didn’t wear shorts for well over 10 years until now. Most importantly for me, I’ve experienced a lot of mental change. I’m more confident, I don’t give a shit what people say and I will call them out on their shit, when needed. My fear factor is out the window and I’ll try anything I haven’t tried before. My self talk is more positive and my focus is getting better.

~Lorraine R. BAE9 Phase 3 completion/Sept. 2021


I am so proud of myself that I stuck to the plan,overcame the cravings and now feel good in my skin. I am definitely healthier & stronger. Despite all my struggles I did not cave in.

~Nichole K. Fall Back Into Fitness Challenge/Dec 2021