TheFactory Programs

TheFactory programs are based on PrimalFit training, getting back to functional training like our ancient ancestors in a group setting. Our PrimalFit training programs are based on FUNCTIONAL High Intensity Interval Training. Our PrimalBlast classes are 45 minutes, and our PrimalFit & PrimalX classes are one hour.



In the PrimalBlast program, you will develop a great base to build from. Consider it a intorduction to the PrimalFit way of training. All natural movement patterns are included to develop your functional fitness.



In the PrimalFit program, you are proficient in all the PrimalFit movements and are ready to start refining your skills. You will focus on building a shredded physique and lean muscle.


PrimalX (Invite Only)

In the PrimalX program, you are at a level where you are thinking about competing or taking your physique to a fitness model level. Volume, intensity and skill work are all taken up a notch.