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A Return To My Roots...

As a former 20 year head high school football coach and building and training football players for competition, I’ve returned to one distinct conclusion: sports and conditioning coaches know how to build strong, muscular butts.

We never trained our athletes for aesthetics, but at the end of the day, competitive athletes of all levels end up having some of the most rocking bodies around. From shredded midsections, to legs of granite, to the ever-so-sought-after bubble butt.

It’s funny how things turn out. As a football coach and sports performance and conditioning coach we had one motto. Athletes are built from the ground up. All focus is geared around building the lower body.

I remember my college sports and conditioning coach always saying “bicep curls are for the girls” you do that shit on your own time. In here we focus on the legs and butt, this is where the game is won.

Focusing on the lower body and performing compound movements with a good nutritional program you will not only develop a nice rear end, but a complete athletic physique.

With women carrying a lot of fat in their lower bodies it makes hella since to take the same approach I took with my football players. Simply put! Build a women’s body from the ground up!!!

The last 4 weeks of perfecting our Best ss Ever system on our Thick Fit/Slim Thicc 9 week challenge has proven to me beyond any doubt this is the best approach when your intent is to build a strong, sexy, curvy, confident and feminine physique.

The following is the recipe I use in my Best ss Ever System here at TheFactory Elite Fitness. Yes, we are building strong, muscular rear ends (big butts). But, like football I’m building functional athletes as well!

Here are a few of my favorite ideas and concepts for getting your ass where you want it. I use what I call the ‘Pop and Squeeze’ approach. I hit the glutes from all three angles 3 times a week horizontally, laterallly, and vertically. I also, use short explosive plyometrics cardio exercises that specifically keeps the glutes engaged along with strength training, resistance bands and high intensity.

Becoming a certified glute specialist, plus my over 30+ years of training athletes has been very helpful with developing this program for sure. But I must give credit to Bret Contreras (the glute guy) and his work as a influence on my BAE system. I don’t know Bret personally, but I have read a ton of his articles on building the dream backside with the glute bridge. His program is different than mines in many ways. But, the knowledge I’ve gotten from reading his many articles has been very helpful.

Ladies hear me clearly I’m dedicated to helping you embrace your particular body type and enhancing your curves by building it from the booty up. Everyone can’t afford me and that’s ok. But if you are willing to sacrifice in other areas and get into one of my small group programs I guarantee you, not only the Best ss Ever but, a elite total body transformation. Yes, I’m excited!! It works!!

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