It’s here gentlemen..

February 1st - March 15th

“Mass building for Men”

Looking for 8 men to be apart of this beta group.

When designing programs, I focus on taking multiple techniques and having them work together to maximize the effects of increasing muscle and strength gains and accelerate fat loss.

In this 6 week mass building program for men I combine several strength training methods to make this a efficient and effective program. In this program you will experience the benefits of Super Sets, 4-Minute Pump, Ascend and Descend Pyramid Training and Gorilla Sets. This is a high-intensity program geared especially to enhance muscle building for men. Let’s be clear this isn’t going to be easy. But I promise it will be effective. It’s the exact program Ive used to transform this 55 year old body of mine. Coach Howard and I will be joining you on this all men speciality class. Let the testosterone start flying! Lol!



Starts: February 1st - March 15th

Location: TheFactory Elite Fitness Vacaville

Days/Time: Mon-Thurs,

6:30pm and Saturday 8am(Spartan Like training at Pena Adobe) all coached by Coach Tracy.

Nutrition: Proven meal plan backed by science.

Supplements: 3 different types of supplements.(backed by science)

Workouts: Small group training of no more than 10 men. Split-body workouts, high-frequency training and spartan functional training.


Price $297(Value $497)

$397-Get Your $$ Back if you lose 20lbs!

$347-Get Your $$ Back if you lose 20lbs!

Are you ready to make some big changes?

January 25-March 8 2021


We are excited to welcome you on part of this journey, and can’t wait to get started.

If you’re like most people trying to lose weight, you’ve probably tried A LOT of things to avoid those annoying 2pm energy crashes or late night cravings.

… and with each attempt, you starve yourself only to lose a lb or two, no matter how hard you try or how many hours you spend in the gym/etc which can become super frustrating!

We have good news and bad news...

The bad news: Unfortunately, MOST people fail at getting rid of belly fat and becoming lean and healthy. And they’re most likely going to KEEP failing. 

We know… it's totally unfair and freaking sucks! But, the good news…

There’s a really good reason why they fail...and understanding it can become the reason you succeed.

You see... while they might count calories or learn proper food portion sizes, they neglect the most important part… accountability!  

That’s why we created our very own The 42 Day 20lb Weight Loss Challenge. It gives you everything you need  so you can start shedding fat, reduce your blood sugar and never feel powerless around food again!

Here’s what you get:

  • Unlimited Group Training at all our TheFactory Elite Fitness and Suspension House Fitness locations (Solano County)

  • Unlimited Training with Shred2Fit online- 3 live Zoom classes M-F as well as a large On Demand library available 24/7

  • Detailed Meal Plan and Grocery List to take all that guess work out

  • Private Facebook Group page for accountability and support

  • And...if you lose your 20lbs you get your Money Back!!

We know you’re going to love this program and the results you get.  

Ready to take the next step towards maintaining energy all afternoon, feeling satisfied at the end of the day and living a life full of boundless energy”? 


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