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Most women don’t understand what needs to take place in order to go from flab to fab in the glute region. Their butts are often flabby and wide so all they can think about is making their butts smaller. This makes them want to perform a ton of cardio.

While they certainly need to whittle off the fat, they usually don’t have any muscle or shape underneath their fat so they would be left with nothing but a flat, saggy butt after the fat is melted off. In order to have a nice looking butt, a woman must add muscular shape to give it that sought-after round, perky, and lifted appearance. You want glute depth, not width. It’s not easy to build glute muscle so they must train hard and most importantly, intelligently. The good news is that exercises that work the glutes are difficult so they significantly raise your metabolism. A booty workout is actually a form of HIRT (High Intensity Resistance

Training) so the workout will burn fat off of the butt while simultaneously adding muscular shape. I was able to change this butts by adding more glute muscle than you see on a typical woman.

To obtain the best butt possible, we need to hit the glutes from a variety of angles with a plethora of exercises. Also it’s imperative you choose the right type of cardio when trying to develop your glutes. Long slow continuous cardio will help you lose weight, but also burn weight off your butt. Choose explosive short burst types of cardio that engages your glute muscles and helps burn fat from other areas of your body not your booty.

It’s my duty to train your booty and train it well!


📅Start: June 14th-Aug 23th

💥Location: TheFactory Elite Fitness Vacaville

⏰Days/Time: Mon thru Fri/Classes 5am-6am, 6am-7am and 5:30pm-6:30pm (you must stay with the class you register for)

🍱Nutrition: Booty Meal Plan

🏋🏿Coach: Tracy "Glute Gangsta" Green

5 AM (Full)
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Garage booty...

I just finished creating an amazing online program that I use with my in-house clients to show you how to build your glutes and abs at home. 

This is a at home version of the exact program I use to train my paying clients in my Best 🍑ss Ever program. I figured you could benefit from using this.

Your entire posterior, especially your glutes makes or breaks your physique. Training the posterior is hard, but nothing in life worth anything is easy. Success requires struggle.

This glute focused workout uses the 4MBP method to build a posterior that is both aesthetic and functional. Learn more about how to develop your glutes in this program!


The Keys to the 4MBP Glute Workout:

  • Perform a dynamic activation warm-up and mobility work to prepare your body and CNS.

  • Use great form for all of the exercises.

  • As little rest as possible between supersets

  • Pop and squeeze your glutes as tight as possible when performing the exercises

  • If needed rest 30-45 seconds between supersets 

  • Don’t sacrifice form for speed when performing an exercise

  • Record how many rounds you perform of each superset within the 4 minute protocol.



📅Start: June 7th-July 3rd (Just in time for 4th of July Summer Fun!!)

💥Location: Your Own Workout Space

⏰Access to 4MBP Full Recorded Workout Videos & Access to Shred2Fit Classes via Zoom and On Demand 24/7

🍱Nutrition: Booty Meal Plan

🏋🏿Coaches: Tracy "Glute Gangsta" Green and Jessica Locke

Price: $117 

6 AM (Full)
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